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OFRA Member Benefits

  1. Discounts to OFRA hosted events that have fees
  2. Participation in OFRA Mentoring Program as a mentee
  3. Serving as an OFRA Mentor (when knowledge/experience qualify)
    • a) Reimbursement for travel to a mentee’s farm
    • b) Reimbursement for up to 6 hours of time spent mentoring

    (See OFRA Mentoring to learn more about the program.)

  4. Membership supports OFRA’s website and its forums.
  5. Free memberships will be given to folks who host a training or education event on their farm. Events can either show/demonstrate a sustainable agriculture practice they’ve implemented on the farm, or they can highlight a challenge the farmer is facing, and fellow members who attend can help brainstorm solutions. Note: These on-farm events will remain free and open to non-members. They serve as a way for folks to get to know OFRA.
  6. Member-helping-member resources. These are not OFRA projects, as they are not training and education; they are efforts of OFRA members to help other members. OFRA staff will help get the word out about these projects as time permits. Current projects include group feed orders every other month to Thayer Organic Feed.
  7. Access to the full OFRA website which includes: ability to post in the Forums, full access to the Membership Directory and OFRA Webinar Recordings in addition to all the publicly available features.