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About OFRA

The Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Association (OFRA) exists to provide education and training to all farmers, ranchers and gardeners, including those who are limited resource or socially disadvantaged, to help them achieve a living with their farm or ranch using sustainable and regenerative methods. OFRA also educates the public about the importance of sustainable agriculture—economic success, environmental stewardship and improved quality of life of people and communities. This education is delivered through classes, workshops, field days, our mentoring program and online webinars and interactive forums. OFRA aims to give farmers, ranchers and gardeners the tools, skills and knowledge they need. With these trainings the farmers and ranchers are able to make their farm or ranch financially successful while being good stewards of natural resources and caring for the people in their families and communities. The public benefits from stronger communities and access to local, high quality food products. OFRA was run entirely by volunteers up to 2010. In 2010, a part-time administrative position was created with some grant funding. OFRA’s current executive director was hired in July 2014. OFRA’s office is virtual and communication is accomplished through phone and electronic means.

Mission Statement

OFRA’s mission is to provide sustainable agriculture education and training for all interested including underserved and disadvantaged people.