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Preview of plants that may be encountered during Plant ID session at Clear Creek Monastery on June 30, 2018 with Blane Stacy & Gregory Scott, OCC Event.
2018-6-18 Plant ID Preview - Clear Creek Monastery
42 photos - updated 6/22/2018
2018-06-04 Stardust Market Garden
12 photos - updated 6/6/2018
2018.04.28A you cut christmas tree farm that has eliminated the need to spray for pine month using pruning. Also discussed wildcrafting, went on a plant walk, and the hazards of injection wells.
Buzzard Roost Ranch
12 photos - updated 5/15/2018
2018 winter at Stardust Market Garden
2 photos - updated 2/26/2018
The Lorax family's permaculture market garden in Fairland OK. Established in fall 2015.
2017-09-01 Stardust Market Garden
6 photos - updated 2/26/2018
Early Summer look at second season
2017-07-16 Stardust Market Garden
17 photos - updated 2/26/2018
Photographs of Stardust Market Garden (Kelda and Nick Lorax, Fairland, OK)
2017-03-19 Stardust Market Garden
26 photos - updated 2/26/2018
2017-11-18 Conference
1 photos - updated 2/26/2018
CommonWealth Urban Farms was formed in 2010 with the common goal of turning vacant lots in NW OKC into productive green spaces that would benefit the local community.
2018-02-23 CommonWealth Urban Farm
4 photos - updated 2/26/2018
2017 Conference
21 photos - updated 11/27/2017
HMI Open Gate at Bucnhgrass Flat w/ Sara and Jesse Bullis and Family.
2017-06-17 Bunchgrass Flat
27 photos - updated 11/25/2017
Photos of Economy Corral and Bud Box. Used with a gentle herd. Assess your conditions and choose appropriate equipment.
Economy Corral and Bud Box
3 photos - updated 9/3/2017
Agruity direct to consumer online sales for farm products. At Chimera Cafe, Tulsa.
2017-06-16 Agruity
5 photos - updated 7/20/2017
Photos of Tahlequah Community Garden related to soil health, permaculture design and implementation, etc.
2017 Tahlequah Community Garden
1 photos - updated 6/26/2017